Pure Linen Runner, OEKO-TEX Certified Stonewashed and Handmade

Pure Linen Runner, OEKO-TEX Certified Stonewashed and Handmade

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More than a basic table runner..


It is a table runner made of pure European linen, softened with stone washing to ensure the comfort of use, produced with respect and love to the environment and nature, personally produced by the hands of a healer.


Simple, natural and extremely elegant, our table runners are great for your family/ friend casual meals, celebrations and weddings. We have no doubt that it will add pleasure to your table with love.


No harmful chemicals are used in the production of linen, it is OEKO-TEX certified. We produce environmentally friendly solutions in all our processes, including packaging.

It can be used easily in minimal, simple and stylish design areas. There is no need for much effort for an elegant appearance.


. Machine washable (40 C/104 F); 
. Tumble dry on low heat; 
. Wash separately or with similar colors. 
. Wrinkliness is part of linen's charm – the wrinklier the fabric, the purer it is. 
. We do not recommend to iron your linens but if you must, do it on low heat when the garment is still a little damp.

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